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Australian Fibreglass Composites (AFC) is a family business by Marc and Larry Fay. We have over 45 years of combined experience in building very light weight Composite and Fibreglass components for the Motorsport and Boating communities in Australia.

We use only the highest quality materials and alongside our extensive knowledge and expertise we take pride in every item that leaves our factory, so that you can have confidence that every job we take on is finished to the exact standard we would use as if it were for ourselves.

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Carbon Fibre Garth Tander Holden Racing Team HRT V8 Supercar Front Splitter Spoiler Bar
Our Motorsport parts are race proven. We’ve produced up to 1000 Front Splitters for the V8 Supercars as well as products like Wings, Rear Bars, Doors, Side Skirts, Air Boxes, Bonnets, Dashes, Interior Trims and full Nascar style replacement packages. Categories include the Dunlop Series, Sport Sedans, Porsche Carrera Cup, Touring Car Masters, Formula Ford and many more.

We have Holden Commodore V8 Supercar Bodykit Moulds for the VR,VS,VT,VX,VY,VZ,VE,Ve2 and VF.


We offer repair services to all types of damaged Fibreglass, Carbon Fibre and Kevlar (Aramid) parts. We identify the failed areas, find the most appropriate resin system for maximum adhesion, chemically strip and mechanically key the damaged area, restore damaged fibres back to or above original quality all while adding minimal weight.

From damaged Motorsport parts to Fishing boats and 40ft yachts we’ve fixed it all.

Bonnet Scoops

Carbon Fibre Dodge Challenger Hemi Shaker Scoop Hood Sixpack
We can produce and fit Carbon Fibre or Fibreglass Bonnet scoops to just about any car. Using only the best epoxy bonding glue rather than cheap Polyester for a superior adhesion to steel, we also temperature cure the whole bonnet before painting for additional strength and quality.

Centreboards and Rudders

Fay Carbon Fibre Centreboard Foil Rudder Foam Sandwich A Class Paper Tiger Catamaran
Our Centreboards and Rudders are light weight, strong and durable. They are made using Ultra-White Marine Gelcoat, Uni-Directional Carbon Fibre, Multi-directional Carbon Fibre and High Density Foam.

Tooling and Moulds

Tool Plug Master Mould V8 Supercar VS Commodore 5 Litre Fibreglass Holden Racing Team
Whether it’s a one-off or a manufacturing specification Mould we can help you research, design, prototype and develop your product all the way from an idea to fabrication and production.

Racing Catamarans

Carbon Fibre Foam Sandwich Tool A Class Racing Catamaran Built by Larry Fay 18ft 5.49m Boat
We’ve been building boats for close to four decades. The Fay name is renowned for high quality craftsmanship and some of the most lightweight Catamarans on the water. It is common to see our boats made 20 years ago still winning races.

Speed and Fishing Boats

Owning our own Fibreglass Fishing boats, we know how important it is to that your boat is seaworthy. Over time Transoms, Floors, Gunwales and Gelcoat in general rot and diminish. We offer full repair and modification services to all fibreglass boats.

Custom Fabrication

Mercedes Spinter Fibreglass Plywood Floor Flower Truck Transport Custom
Not just limited to Motorsport and Marine, we’re able fabricate almost anything you can think of. Over the years we’ve taken on jobs such as Tool making of a Solar Car for C.S.I.R.O. A Human Powered Vehicle shell for a local Melbourne College, 10,000 litre Fish Tanks for Hotels in Australia and Modifying Mercedes-Benz Van floors and walls to watertight and ware resistant fibreglass panels.

We apply these technologies specifically suited to your project requirements

Hand Lamination

Vacuum Bagging

Resin Infusion

Foam Sandwich Cores

Using Only The Highest Quality Materials Available

We select the most appropriate Fabrics and Resins which will drastically alter the overall quality of the job at hand

Carbon Fibre






Chopped-strand Mats


2-pack Clear

Every part we make requires different attributes. Whether it be strength, stiffness, minimal weight, temperature tolerance, or appearance. Which is why choosing the correct combination of  materials is important. With our 40+ years of knowledge over multiple industries such as Marine and Motorsport to Transport and Fish Tanks, you can be sure the job will be done right.

We have V8 Supercar Bodykit Moulds from VR to VF Commodore: VR,VS,VT,VX,VY,VZ,VE,Ve2,VF

About Us

Australian Fibreglass Composites is a third generation family business. We are renowned for expertise in our field.

With over four decades combined experience in light weight boat building, motorsport composite manufacturing and custom fibreglass work we have the knowledge and experience that you are looking for.

We have worked alongside many V8 Supercar teams such as the Holden Racing Team and many other private and commercial motorsport organizations for the past 22 years as well as designing, engineering and building multiple international championship winning boats over the past 30 years.

GRM Monaro 2006

Australian Fibreglass Composites Pty.Ltd.

Contact: Marc or Larry Fay

Phone: (03) 9792 1227


2/16 Amberley Crescent, Dandenong South, Victoria 3175

ABN: 49 150 178 019

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